Today in HisStory – August 8

Tower of Antonia in Jerusalem was destroyed by Romans. (70 AD)

Venetian Senate examined Galileo Galilei’s telescope. (1609)

US Congress adopted the silver dollar and decimal system of money. (1786)

The First African Baptist Church of Boston was organized with twenty members. (1805)

Swedish immigrant Pastor Gustaf Palmquist, founder of Baptist General Conference, baptized his first three converts in the Mississippi River at Rock Island, Illinois. (1852)

Smith and Wesson patented metal bullet cartridges. (1854)

US Civil War: After the defeat at Battle of Gettysburg, General Lee offered his resignation which was rejected. (1863)

US Civil War: Tennessee’s military Governor Andrew Johnson freed his personal slaves. (1863)

Thomas Edison patented the mimeograph. (1876)

Will Kellogg invented Corn Flakes. (1898)

The US Army installed the first tricycle landing gear on the Army’s Wright Flyer. (1910)

Public Law 62-5 set the number of representatives in the United States House of Representatives at 435 no matter how many states. The law came into effect in 1913. (1911)

WW1: Six US soldiers were surrounded by Germans in France. Alvin York was given command. He shot 20 Germans and captures 132 more. (1918)

Communists convicted the Orthodox priest Alexander Zaitsev of anti-Soviet agitation. He is sentenced to death. (1920)

First national march of Ku Klux Klan took place in Washington, D.C. 200,000 were in attendance. (1925)

WW2: Six convicted Nazi saboteurs who landed in US were executed in Washington, DC. (1942)

WW2: US, USSR, Britain, and France signed the Treaty of London and set down procedures for Nuremberg trials. (1945)

WW2: USSR finally declared war against Japan. (1945)

US President Harry Truman signed the UN Charter. (1945)

USSR established a communist government in North Korea. (1945)

US President Nixon announced he’d resign from office at midnight. (1974)

Discovery of most distant galaxy, 15 * 10 ^ 12 light yrs, was announced. (1988)


About Tamera Lynn Kraft

Tamera Lynn Kraft has always loved adventures and writes Christian historical fiction set in America because there are so many adventures in American history. She is married to the love of her life, has two grown children, and lives in Akron, Ohio. Soldier’s Heart and A Christmas Promise are two of her historical novellas that have been published. She has received 2nd place in the NOCW contest, 3rd place TARA writer’s contest, and is a finalist in the Frasier Writing Contest.
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