Today in HisStory – August 30

European leaders outlawed the crossbow intending to end war for all time. (1146)

At the beginning of the Battle of Lake Poyang, two Chinese rebel leaders, Chen Youliang and Zhu Yuanzhang, pitted against each other during Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty. It was one of the largest naval battles in history. (1363)

Colonial religious teacher Anne Hutchinson was charged with “traducing the ministry” and was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony. (1637)

Dutch and Indians signed a peace treaty in New Amsterdam, New York. (1645)

William Penn left England to sail to the New World. (1682)

Samson Occom, direct descendant of the great Mohegan chief Uncas, was ordained to become a missionary to his own people. (1759)

American Revolutionary War: Continental Army evacuated Long Island and fell back to Manhattan, New York. (1776)

American Revolutionary War: A French fleet of 24 ships under Comte de Grasse defeated the British under Admiral Graves at the Battle of Chesapeake Capes. (1781)

Melbourne, Australia was founded. (1835)

City of Houston was founded by Augustus Chapman Allen and John Kirby Allen. (1836)

Honolulu, Hawaii became a city. (1850)

US Civil War: Last day of the second Battle of Bull Run or Manassas resulted in Confederate victory. (1862)

US Civil War: Battle of Altamont in Tennessee resulted in a Confederate victory. (1862)

13,000 meteors were seen in one hour near Andromeda. (1885)

US President Benjamin Harrison signed the first U.S. law requiring inspection of meat products. (1890)

Boxer rebels in China executed missionaries Willie and Helen Peat, their children and associates. (1900)

Hubert Cecil Booth patented the vacuum cleaner. (1901)

Fanya Kaplan attempted, but failed, to assassinate Lenin, the new leader of Soviet Russia. (1918)

Air France formed. (1933)

WW2: Siege of Leningrad by German troops began. (1941)

WW2: General MacArthur landed in Japan. (1945)

WW2: Hong Kong was liberated from the Japanese. (1945)

Hotline communication link between Pentagon in Washington DC and the Kremlin in Moscow was installed. (1963)

Thurgood Marshall was confirmed as first African-American Supreme Court Justice. (1967)

First occurrence of a comet hitting the sun was recorded. (1979)

U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Guion S. Bluford became the first African American to travel into space when the space shuttle Challenger lifted off on its third mission. (1983)

Hurricane Irma formed near Cape Verde Islands, went on to become category 5 hurricane, and killed at least 102. (2017)


About Tamera Lynn Kraft

Tamera Lynn Kraft has always loved adventures and writes Christian historical fiction set in America because there are so many adventures in American history. She is married to the love of her life, has two grown children, and lives in Akron, Ohio. Soldier’s Heart and A Christmas Promise are two of her historical novellas that have been published. She has received 2nd place in the NOCW contest, 3rd place TARA writer’s contest, and is a finalist in the Frasier Writing Contest.
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