Today in HisStory – January 29

Abbot Gildas, who gave us the earliest history we have of the British Celts, died. (570 AD)

Priest Ulrich Zwingli presented Sixty-Seven Articles for the consideration of Zurich including these: The sum and substance of the Gospel is that our Lord Jesus Christ, the true Son of God, has made known to us the will of his heavenly Father, and has with his innocence released us from death and reconciled God. Hence Christ is the only way to salvation for all who ever were, are and shall be. (1523)

Agents of Mary Tudor degraded and condemned the Protestant bishop John Hooper along with John Rogers, Rowland Taylor, and other preachers of the Reformation. Hooper was executed the following month. (1555)

William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet was thought to have been first performed. (1595)

American patriot and author of Common Sense, was born. (1737)

Mozart‘s opera Idomeneo premiered in Munich. (1781)

In a surprising announcement, John Hancock resigned as Governor of Massachusetts, allegedly due to his failing health. (1785)

John Beckley of Virginia was appointed first Librarian of Congress. (1802)

American Revolutionary War/War of 1812: King George III died after a long bout with mental illness years after losing the American Revolution and the War of 1812. (1820)

US President Andrew Jackson orders first use of US troops to suppress a labor dispute. (1834)

First Governor of New Zealand and co-author of the Treaty of Waitangi Captain William Hobson arrived in the Bay of Islands, New Zealand. (1840)

Edgar Allen Poe’s Raven was first published. (1845)

Henry Clay introduced the Missouri Comprise Bill on slavery to the US Senate. (1850)

Victoria Cross was established to acknowledge valor in the face of the enemy in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries. (1856)

Kansas was admitted to the Union as the 34th state. (1861)

During the Bear River Massacre, American soldiers slaughtered hundreds of Native Americans at the confluence of the Bear River and Beaver Creek in present day Idaho. (1863)

Custer Battlefield National Monument was established in Montana. (1879)

“Cotty” Peabody arrived in Tombstone a few months after the shootout at O.K. Corral where he established Arizona territory’s first Protestant church. (1882)

First successful gasoline powered car was patented by Karl Benz in Karlsruhe, Germany. (1886)

The Coca-Cola Company was incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia. (1892)

Emile Grubbe was the first doctor to use radiation treatment for breast cancer. (1896)

Tsar Nicolas II of Russia enacted reforms to improve the conditions of workers. These changes did little to stop disorder throughout Russia in ensuing months. (1905)

Charles Curtis became the first Native American U.S. Senator. He was from Kansas. (1907)

Stephen Merritt, pastor and supporter of missionaries who taught Samuel Morris, died. Samuel Morris was an African convert who came to America to learn from Merritt. (1917)

Walt Disney started work as an artist with KC Slide Company for $40 a week. (1920)

The Congregational Holiness Church was formally organized following a split the previous year with the Pentecostal Holiness Church. (1921)

Ice cream cone rolling machine was patented by Carl Taylor. (1924)

Charles Fox Parham, early American Pentecostal innovator and theologian, died. (1929)

U.S. Baseball Hall of Fame elected its first member. (1936)

WW2: USS Missouri, the last battleship commissioned by the US Navy, was launched. (1944)

WW2: The Battle of Cisterna took place in central Italy. (1944)

WW2: 38 men, women, and children died in the Koniuchy massacre in Poland. (1944)

Walt Disney’s Sleeping Beauty was released. (1959)

The Great Smog hit London. Many died of chest and lung-related illnesses. (1959)

Snowstorm in northeast US killed 165. (1966)

Oxford University refused to award Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher an honorary degree. (1985)

Episcopal Church of the United States appointed Barbara Harris as its first female bishop. (1989)

US President George W. Bush in his State of the Union address described “regimes that sponsor terror” an “Axis of Evil” which included Iraq, Iran, and North Korea. (2002)

Archaeologists discovered the oldest Roman Temple, 6th Century BC, at Sant’Omobono. (2014)

Scientists discovered how to convert normal cells into stem cells in mice. (2014)

Malaysia officially declared the disappearance of missing flight MH370 was an accident. (2015)

About Tamera Lynn Kraft

Tamera Lynn Kraft has always loved adventures and writes Christian historical fiction set in America because there are so many adventures in American history. She is married to the love of her life, has two grown children, and lives in Akron, Ohio. Soldier’s Heart and A Christmas Promise are two of her historical novellas that have been published. She has received 2nd place in the NOCW contest, 3rd place TARA writer’s contest, and is a finalist in the Frasier Writing Contest.
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