Today in HisStory – June 17

Roman Emperor Julian ordered all professors and schoolmasters must obtain a license before teaching—thus excluding Christians from educating youth. (362 AD)

Sir Francis Drake landed on the coast of California at Drakes Bay and named it “New Albion”. (1579)

Anti-English uprising took place in Ireland. (1579)

Mumtaz Mahal died during childbirth. Her husband, Mughal emperor Shah Jahan I, spent more than 20 years building her tomb, the Taj Mahal. (1631)

Massachusetts ordered a Catholic priest to leave the colony. (1700)

John Wesley, founder of Methodism, was born. (1703)

Moravians settled in Herrnhut. (1722)

Moravians began a 100 year, round the clock, prayer meeting at Herrnhut, Germany in what many consider the catalyst of the First Great Awakening. (1727)

US Revolutionary War: Battle of Bunker Hill took place. (1775)

In Norwalk, after singing and praying, Jesse Lee preaches his first sermon in Connecticut out of doors because no one will let him borrow a house or barn. He would go on to start Methodist Churches throughout New England. (1789)

US Bureau of Indian Affairs was established. (1824)

Charles Goodyear obtained his first rubber patent. (1837)

King Kamehameha III of Hawaii issued Edict of toleration which gave Roman Catholics freedom to worship in the Hawaiian Islands. The Hawaii Catholic Church and the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace was later established. (1839)

Republican Party opened its first national convention in Philadelphia. (1856)

Tornado killed 130 in Iowa. (1882)

Statue of Liberty arrived in New York Harbor. (1885)

The first US polio epidemic broke out in Rutland, Vermont. (1894)

The United States Navy Hospital Corps was established. (1898)

The College Board introduced its first standardized test. This was the forerunner to the SAT. (1901)

The League to Enforce Peace was organized at Independence Hall in Philadelphia with US President William Howard Taft as president of the organization. The program was the forerunner of the League of Nations. (1915)

Evangelist Paul Rader made the first of many radio broadcasts to generate publicity for his evangelistic meetings. (1922)

WW2: Japan declared war on China. (1938)

Last public guillotining in France took place in Versailles outside the Saint-Pierre prison. Eugen Weidmann, a convicted murderer, was guillotined. (1939)

WW2: France asked Germany for terms of surrender. (1940)

WW2: General De Gaulle departed Bordeaux for London. (1940)

WW2: USSR occupied Estonia. (1940)

First kidney transplant took place in Chicago. (1950)

Thomas Road Baptist Church was founded by Jerry Falwell. (1956)

US Supreme Court ruled against Bible reading and prayer in public schools. (1963)

Edwin Land patented the Polaroid camera. (1970)

Watergate burglars were arrested. (1972)

Muslims in al-Zawya Alhamra, a Coptic district of Cairo, attempted to seize a Coptic businessman’s land to build a mosque. Armed with machine guns, knives, crowbars, and other weapons they attacked Christians and their property over a two day period, destroying one hundred and fifty homes and shops and murdering more than a hundred Christians, several by burning them alive. (1981)

The Dusky Seaside Sparrow became extinct. (1987)

South Africa abolished the last of its apartheid laws. (1991)

The body of Zachary Taylor, 12th President of the US, was exhumed to test how he died. Rumors had persisted since his death in 1850 that he had died of arsenic poisoning. No evidence of this was found. (1991)

LA cops chased OJ Simpson’s Ford Bronco on live TV for 1½ hours until he eventually gave up. (1994)

Jiang Zongxiu, a 34 year old mother and wife in China, was arrested and beaten for distributing Christian literature in a marketplace. She died the next day. (2004)

Nine Christians were shot and killed inside Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, by a 21 year old gunman because of their race. (2015)


About Tamera Lynn Kraft

Tamera Lynn Kraft has always loved adventures and writes Christian historical fiction set in America because there are so many adventures in American history. She is married to the love of her life, has two grown children, and lives in Akron, Ohio. Soldier’s Heart and A Christmas Promise are two of her historical novellas that have been published. She has received 2nd place in the NOCW contest, 3rd place TARA writer’s contest, and is a finalist in the Frasier Writing Contest.
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